Sterlization Information

We use only top of the line Autoclaves, Ultrasonic Machines, and Jewelry Steamers to prepare our tools and jewelry for your piercing session. All of our tattoo equipment is disposable and pre-sterilized, so no tattoo equipment needs to be processed in-house. We provide safe, clean, and sterile procedures for every client.


STATIM 2000 G4

The STATIM autoclave is what we use to sterilize new, unworn, clean jewelry. 

SciCan, the parent company of the STATIM line of autoclaves, has over 50 years experience in the healthcare market.  With roots in the distribution of high quality German medical products, SciCan developed and produced its first internationally recognized infection control innovation by the late 1980’s. Through a sustained legacy of growth and expansion, SciCan is a leader in the field of infection control in over 100 countries around the world. The STATIM Autoclave is one of the best in the industry, boasting superior cycle times and processes for both wrapped and unwrapped cycles. In fact, the STATIM Cassette Autoclave® sterilizes up to ten times faster than traditional ‘chamber style’ units, employing a proprietary positive pressure pulse displacement technology – using saturated steam to remove air and effectively sterilize instruments between patients.


Midmark Ritter M9

The M9 is the autoclave we use to process dirty tools and instruments, like forceps and tapers. We never re-process worn jewelry (unless it's yours and you request it), or used needles. 

Midmark has been as the forefront of Medical equipment for over 100 years, providing reliable, time-tested products. The Ritter M9 is a medium capacity steam autoclave designed to accommodate every sterilization process necessary to our industry. 

What goes into your piercing procedure?

Here's an example of a tray set-up for a basic piercing procedure. See below for explanations of each item!

  1. STATIM Autoclave Sterile Tray: This is a small tray that inserts into the STATIM to hold jewelry still and secure, it also allows us to transfer the jewelry from the STATIM to the tray without risking contamination.
  2. Sterile Gloves: These gloves are donned when the piercer is ready to handle only sterile materials (instruments, jewelry, etc), and is a good indicator that your piercing is about to begin!
  3. Sterile Drape: A drape is placed around the site of the piercing in a manner very similar to surgical procedures. Usually placed around the ear, nose, or navel.
  4. Sterile Instruments: These are the tools that will be used during your procedure. Sterilized beforehand, these instruments remain sterile until the last possible moment when the package is opened.
  5. Sterile Q-Tips, Toothpick, Gauze, and Rubber Bands: This pack contains all of the materials that will be used for cleaning your piercing once the process is complete, as well as a toothpick for marking and measuring.
  6. Chlorohexadine Gluconate: Chlorohex is our preferred skin prepping agent for preventing bacterial infection and contamination. This will be used at the very beginning of your procedure, right after the alcohol wipe.
  7. Sterile Alcohol Pad: A small sterile wipe saturated with alcohol, used to clean away debris, oil, and any other contaminants from the skin before any skin prep or marking is done.
  8. Sterile Lubricant: This is used as a bit of a "helper" to glide the needle in smoother, or to help with a jewelry insertion. 
  9. Single-Use Skin Marker: Every marker used is unique to each piercing client, meaning we never use the same marker on two people. This little friend is used so we can discuss placement options more clearly, and so we know exactly where to pierce you!
  10. Autoclave Sterilization Integrator: This is a small tab that indicates whether or not the sterilizer is was just ran through is working properly and fully sterilizing your jewelry. We load one of these with every STATIM and Midmark Load.
  11. Implant-Grade Jewelry: Last but not least, your jewelry! Sometimes the jewelry you choose has lots of matching sterile friends in our back stock, but if not it will look like this! Loose and inside a fresh STATIM tray.