Caring for your new piercing

Different types of piercings require different types of aftercare! Each of these links will open a pdf file of an appropriate aftercare brochure identical to the one you would receive after a piercing.

Please note that the information in the brochures below is highly generalized and therefore some piercings will require more in-depth aftercare instructions. At the time of service, we will individualize care based on anatomy, jewelry choice, and lifestyle.

If you feel like your piercing isn't healing appropriately, whether or not we did it, we are always happy to provide a troubleshooting consultation for free. PLEASE DO NOT SELF-DIAGNOSE, we are eager to help you heal, and are always available to answer your questions. 


Earlobe Aftercare

Covers general care for lobe tissue.


Soft Tissue Aftercare

Applicable to all oral piercings (Lips, Tongue, cheeks), surface piercings (navel, dermal anchors, surface bars), and genital piercings.


Cartilage Aftercare

Applicable to all cartilage tissue piercings. This includes side nostril piercings (yes, a nose piercing is a cartilage piercing!), and everything on the ear that isn't through lobe. E.g. helix, conch, rook, tragus, daith