Do you remember when you were a kid saying what you wanted to be when you grew up? I made it clear that I would be an artist. To be fair
children don’t really have a comprehensive awareness of the many job
possibilities but I was certain of one thing, I loved drawing. I
enjoyed drawing so much that I drew in most of my free time, anywhere.
Which resulted in the adults I encountered continuously suggesting
“well, she’s going to be an artist.”

Having spent my childhood not fully understanding entirely what that
meant it wasn’t until the age of twelve that I fell in love with
tattoo culture. Seeing artwork on the arms of relatives and strangers,
as tattoo art began to lose its social taboo thanks to television
shows, revealed this thrilling exotic craft in my eyes. I was
enchanted and I yearned to learn more. I had spent nearly every day
aspiring to become a professional tattoo artist ever since.

Having always been ambitious & focused in regards to schoolwork, upon
the end of high school I fell under the pressures & the force of
social norms to have what’s viewed as a more “practical” career plan.
And “tattoo artist” was not depicted by teachers or parents as a field
that was responsible. Being an angsty teenager I naturally protested
what I was being told, that my dream job possessed a negative

As a result I gave in 3 years of my life reluctantly & robotically
seeking a degree in Graphic design. I finally took consideration into
what vastness of time & possibility lay ahead of me as potential to
further excel in my desired field of artistry. I had grown tired of
postponing my own dream while exhausting all of my energy miserably
working way too hard just to learn computer skills for something I
lacked passion towards. I think possessing real passion for your work
leads to a happier life, because if you truly enjoy whatever it is you
do then it stops feeling like work.

I’ve now spent over twice as many years professionally tattooing than
I had initially spent in art school. But I actually try not to live
life in regret so what I mean by that is: these past years of my life
have felt like they’ve simply flown by, I’ve been fortunate enough to
dedicate my time into something so beautiful that I love. From being
in love with my work which makes me excited to create, to learn &
progress, I now have a difficult time remembering what my life was
like without it.

I am currently a full time tattoo artist with Aesthetic Ambition
Piercing and Tattoo studio located at 116 Washington Blvd in the
Venice area of Los Angeles.  I couldn’t be happier acknowledging how
fortunate I am being able to do what I love every day, for that I have
so much gratitude. My passion & determination to never stop drawing & creating fuels me to continue to grow as an artist. I look forward to
my future of professional growth as well as all of the opportunities
presented that will have me utilize all of my creative skills.
Possessing such an overwhelming appetite to continue progressing,
continue learning, and continue to think BIG validates that achieving
success is inevitable.