No, these aren't our kids - they're your kids!

We LOVE piercing your little ones.

Continue below to find out everything you need to know about making your child's first piercing experience the best one possible.


Safety is our number one concern

We strive to provide a friendly, positive, and most importantly SAFE environment for your kiddos to get their very first (or even second!) ear piercings. We understand that simple lobe piercings are a formative experience for your children, and we want nothing more than for them to leave smiling and feeling accomplished through having overcome fear in the name of self-expression. The service we offer is intended to be as quick and painless as possible - we even perform both sides simultaneously utilizing two skilled artists!

All piercings in our studio are performed with STERILE, SINGLE USE hypodermic needles. All tools and jewelry are meticulously processed using a combination of enzymatic solutions, ultrasonic cleaning, and jewelry steaming. Following processing, these items are sterilized on-site using medical-grade autoclaves (Specifically, a Midmark Ritter M9 & STATIM G4 2000). 

Apart from being made of the highest quality implant-grade ASTM F-136 Titanium or 18k/14k Gold, the jewelry we most recommended for kids has a flat disk on the back for comfort during sleep (so no poking!) and has extra room in the back to be compatible with expected swelling and to allow for adequate drainage & cleaning access during the initial healing period. All of our young clients are recommended to come back to see us after the initial 2 month healing period so we can check on the piercings to see how well they're healing, and to talk about future jewelry changes and options if so desired. All of the jewelry is capable of being "downsized" or shortened for a more secure fit after healing.

Check out our gallery below, featuring some amazing kiddos!