Long ago, in a time where death and destruction consumed this realm, there was a prophecy written in the blood of demons, “In a time of peace, there will be one who has avarice for all things onion and bell pepper based, a man who, with long raven hair and leather bound boots, will always be cloaked in black who will bring permanency to the skin of mortals and gods alike.” This man of prophecy is DOUG DE LA MUERTE!!!!

Hailing from the land of stone eagles (EAGLE ROCK, CALIFORNIA), the man who would become the embodiment of death began as a humble fetus, then eventually a child. Growing up in the time of greatness (the 90s) he was exposed to reality altering gods of creation, Quincy Jones, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Jim Lee, Frank Frazetta, Todd McFarland and Kevin Eastman. He began his life by emulating the art of his heroes, and having a penchant for Spiderman and the Ninja Turtles. His passion for art and drawing eventually reached a plateau as he could not progress without a master. Beginning his transition into DEATH (the character not the….dead guy) he grew his hair and went to COLLEGE!!! At FULLERTON, in the land of California (CAL STATE-FULLERTON) he learned advanced magic for creation (Graphic design, color theory, perspective, anatomy) and weapon forging (life drawing, painting, sequential art) and upon graduation, he had the tools to bring about blissful ruin the flesh of man.

Having his apprenticeship with dragon master Sawoo-lee Vargas, he journeyed alone to Marina of kings (Marina del Rey, California) in Mexico’s hat (UNITED STATES), where he takes mortal flesh and becomes even more powerful.

Should you possess the heart of a chicken hawk and the pain tolerance of a boiling crab, then abandon all hope, ye who enter here, and face DOUG and receive your mark of DEATH.